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Focus 44 Pin IDE to 40 Pin IDE Adapter $0.00

This is the Focus 44 Pin IDE to 40 Pin IDE Adapter.  You use this Adapter to convert your old 2.5" 44 pin IDE Laptop Hard Drive to 40 pin IDE which will allow you to install the Hard Drive in your PC.  Once installed in your PC you can then use CiderPress to access and backup your Apple II data and convert your Focus over to solid state CF technology using our 44 Pin CF Adapter (available soon).

This Adapter will also allow the >External CF Drive<, a >40 pin IDE CF Adapter< or any 40 pin IDE device or cable to be connected to the Focus IDE Controller.  A  2.00mm (0.079-inch) Pitch 44 Pin Male to Male Gender Changer header is included with the 44 Pin IDE to 40 Pin IDE Adapter for your added convenience and will allow many different configurations possible with your Focus Controller.  See below for pictures of the header.

The Focus IDE Controller was originally designed to have a 2.5" 'Laptop' style Hard Drive attached to the card.  The 44 pin 2.5" form factor IDE connector on the Focus IDE Controller is different then a 40 pin 'standard' IDE connector.  Although the IDE communications standard is the same you will need this Adapter in order to connect other IDE devices, like the External CF Drive, to the Focus IDE Controller card.

There is also a 'large' style output Power Connector on the Focus 44 Pin IDE to 40 Pin IDE Adapter.  Not more then 300 milliamps should be drawn from this connector otherwise damage to your Focus IDE Controller card may occur.

Below are some pictures of the different possible uses for the Focus 44 Pin IDE to 40 Pin IDE Adapter.