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External CF Drive $0.00

This is an External CF Drive that works on any IDE controller card.  Great addition to the MicroDrive, CFFA or any IDE controller!  We also sell the >Focus 44 Pin IDE to 40 Pin IDE Adapter< which you will need if you plan to connect the External CF Drive to the Focus IDE Controller.  Data cable length is 3 feet.  Comes with power cord.

Now there is no longer a need to open your computer's case to change your CF Card.  Just install our External CF Drive and change CF Cards whenever you want, OUTSIDE your computer.

Note: The External CF Drive does NOT support 'hot swapping' CF Cards.  Although no damage will occur if you remove a CF Card when the computer and drive are on, you may experience data loss and your computer will still need to be powered off before the new CF Card is recognized by the IDE controller.