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CF to 40 Pin IDE Adapter - Dual $0.00

This is the Dual CF to 40 Pin IDE Adapter.  It allows a CF Card to be used on a MicroDrive/Turbo or similar IDE Controllers like Desktop PCs.

The unit has three (3) LED's to show Power, Read/Write Activity and Card Detection.

If you own a Focus IDE Controller then our >Focus 44 Pin IDE to 40 Pin IDE Adapter< will be needed to use this Adapter

The Dual CF to 40 Pin IDE Adapter can be powered by a 'standard' mini 4 pin power connector or by supplying 5v to Pin 20 of the IDE connector.  If you are unsure which is Pin 20 on your IDE Controller or wish to have us modify your card to automatically supply power to Pin 20 please contact >Support<.