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IIgs MicroDrive/Turbo IDE Controller $0.00

The MicroDrive/Turbo IDE Controller is a device that once installed in the ROM1 or ROM3 IIgs and acts like a solid-state Hard Drive using Compact Flash Cards.  Comes with preloaded 256 MB Compact Flash Card to start using the MicroDrive/Turbo right out of the box!

Software included is GS/OS v6.0.1, ShrinkIt, Copy II+, MicroDrive Utilities, DiskMaker8, DSK2File, DOS.MASTER and different AE Memory Testers.  Pretty much everything you will need to start transferring and unpacking software from the Internet and using your Apple IIgs.


Click this link for software and related MicroDrive/Turbo files.


Compact Flash Cards are readily available, inexpensive, low power, noiseless, shock proof, removable and last almost forever ? things that can't be said about mechanical Hard Drives.  However, it is still possible to use some older IDE Hard Drives with the MicroDrive/Turbo Controller if desired.

What's the difference between the MicroDrive and the MicroDrive/Turbo?  SPEED!  It's around 45% faster!  There also aren't any DIP Switch settings to deal with.  Just plug and play!  The MicroDrive/Turbo also comes standard with a DUAL CF Card Adapter.  You'll be able to leave one CF Card in your MicroDrive/Turbo all the time and use a second one for transferring data or use two CF Cards at the same time for TWICE the storage space.  The Dual CF Adapter also comes in handy if you have several Apples with MicroDrive Controllers in them.  It makes transferring data between CF Cards very convenient.

Do you download software from the Internet and wonder how to get it to your Apple II or spend lots of time doing so?  With the MicroDrive/Turbo IDE Controller it's now super easy!  Just remove the Compact Flash Card from your MicroDrive/Turbo, insert it in to your PC and using >CiderPress software< you can read and write directly to the Compact Flash Card.  Using your PC for transferring files and backing up has never been so quick and painless!

The MicroDrive/Turbo IDE Controller is ProDOS 8, ProDOS 16, GS/OS compatible and can even have HFS partitions on a IIgs machine.  It's recognized as a 'standard' Mass Storage Device just like any Hard Disk Drive is on your Apple II.  DOS 3.3 is supported through the use of a program called DOS.MASTER which is included with the support software.

On the IIgs we recommend 8 partitions that can be any size up to 32 Megs, which is the ProDOS size limit.  More partitions can be created but you can quickly run out of virtual 'Slots' for the partitions to reside when using ProDOS 8.  You can also create and access HFS partitions under GS/OS up to 2 Gigs each!  The MicroDrive will allow up to 16 partitions total and will also allow booting from any of the partitions so you're not limited to any one boot configuration!  Use your machine for work and games?  Upon boot just hold down the 'OpenApple' key and select the number of the volume from which you wish to temperately boot.  It's that simple, and powerful!  If you want to change the boot partition permanently you can then use the MicroDrive utilities.

The MicroDrive/Turbo IDE Controller also supports a Master and Slave device.  It's like having two controllers in one!  It will also boot from any ProDOS partition on ANY of the two devices, Master or Slave.

One (1) year warranty and UNLIMITED Tech Support comes standard with every purchase.

The MicroDrive/Turbo IDE Controller is designed by ///SHH Systeme from Germany and sold under license by

Note: This controller will NOT work in a ROM0 IIgs.  You will require the IIgs ROM1 Upgrade to use this board.