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1 Meg x 4 bit ZIP DRAM $0.00

This is a SINGLE 1 Meg x 4 bit ZIP DRAM chip.  ZIP stands for 'Zig-Zag In-line Pin'.  Purchase one or two chips to replace those defective DRAMs on your RAM card or keep on-hand and be ready for when you need them.

Note: All DRAM chips are fully tested before shipping. It's the users responsibility to observe all static precautions when working with DRAM chips. Static electricity can and will damage chips! DRAM chips MUST also be installed in the correct orientation. Failure to do so will damage the chip. If you have doubts as to your ability to work with or install DRAM chips please send us your RAM board and we will install them free of charge and test the board to ensure functionality. Chip pictured may be different then the one you receive due to NOS limitations but will be 100% compatible.

This type of DRAM is mostly used in AE's GS-RAM III card.  Click on the picture for a close up view of what the DRAM and card look like.