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ReactiveMicro News

2-27-11: Good news for International buyers!  We now offer International Flat Rate service.  It's a small box (8-5/8" x 5-3/8" x 1-5/8") but should be enough to accommodate most small orders.  The average price is now $20 - down from $35.  Now back to our tinkering!

1-20-11: Happy New Year!  The Apple IIc VGA project is still in the alpha phase.  Yet ANOTHER revision has been produced.  Wow, is this thing is taking forever or what?!?  Yes, we could put something out right now, but it wouldn't work for everyone (PAL systems).  We'd like to see a total all-in-one solution and know that it works right.  More info to come (of course).  Henry's been busy catching up on the past years paperwork.  Not fun.  Then it's back to the DRAM Project.  Once completed 3 or 4 projects will be ready for release (time permitting).  Anthony and Henry would like to get some more things done this year so keep an eye out for what's next.  Thanks for reading!

9-25-10: The Store has been re-opened, we released the Mockingboard v1a, and the Trans Warp GS GAL and Oscillator Upgrade Guide has been updated.  We've been busy updating the Store and working on the VGA project too. We still hope to soon offer an 'upgrade service' for the TransWarp GS once we get caught up on all the current boards we have in for repairs and upgrades. We're making good progress, but since Henry got a 'real' job things have been moving slower then expected. Thanks to guys like Tom Arnold for helping out with the Mockingboard v1a so we can continue to move forward!

9-01-10: The Store has been closed so we can fix a few things with the site, take inventory, work on some paperwork, and catch up with all the current orders and board repairs. We'll be back soon!

7-01-10: The Apple IIc VGA project is moving right along. We have several boards in the alpha test phase right now. We keep testing and making improvements as we find things needed. With a little luck we hope to have some units out to the beta testers about years end. It's been a long time coming with a lot of delays, so let hope we can make this ambitious goal!


As always, we're always looking for people from the Community to help out.  Our Web Server isn't in the best of shape as you may have seen.  It could be a little better organized and also could use some better software then just Apache Server for the links.  If anyone would like to help or has software they would recommend, please let us know.  We can use all the help we can get!

Other Projects Under Development

TransWarp GS Upgrade Kit - This kit will consist of several upgrade ICs.  You will need to send us your card be we should be able to upgrade it to a stable 18.75 MHz.  Active cooling will be necessary until we are able to edit the GAL source code.  Anyone with experience editing/creating JEDEC files and wanting to help please email Support.  We will supply all software and work with you as much as necessary.  We would also be willing to pay you for your time on this project.
Update: Project is done.  We just need time to list it in our Store and take all the pics.

RAMWorks III 2 Meg Expander - This project pretty much started it all.  We found that all Apples don't use conventional DRAM refresh schemes.  Because of this we weren't able to used less expensive DRAM options available.  So we will need to create our own DRAM replacement circuit if we want to be able to produce RAM Card that don't cost a fortune to produce.  Our idea is to use a modern SRAM which is both inexpensive and easy to work with.  The hard part of course is designing the replacement circuit.  Richard Jackson is currently working with us to help bring this circuit in to production.  Once tested several of our RAM based projects will be able to be released along with the RAMWorks III 2 Meg Expander.


Other News - Anthony Martino is currently partnered with us on a few projects.  Without his support and backing a couple soon to be released projects wouldn't have been able to make it to market as quickly as they did.

 Anyone looking to help out please contact Support.  We supply all software and tutoring.  You can use any software you want, but we prefer if you use the same software as us so we can all share designs.