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About US was formed by Henry S. Courbis in 2005 as a division of Reactive. Since 1990 the parent company Reactive has had many different divisions. They have worked with hardware, custom software, auto security and sound, auto repair, pay phones and electronics to name a few. Henry's current project at Reactive Computers is related to the Apple II and Arcade systems. He also plans on teeming up and working with others to provide new solutions for the Apple II Community. Want to help out or sell something in our Store? Contact Henry and let him know what you have in mind. We're always looking to offer new items or work with new people for the good of the Communities.

If you're interested in our Shop's hardware, tools, or how we do things then email Support. We'd be more then glad to answer any questions or offer recommendations. We understand how hard it can be just starting out, working with PLDs or choosing a good soldering iron and not breaking the bank in the process. If you're thinking of doing it, we've probably already done it. Feel free to pick our brains!

We Would Like To Thank...
Our thanks to following people who have helped us and by doing so have helped the Apple II Community.

Joachim Lange of, Sean Fahey of, Rubywand -aka- Jeff Hurlbert of, Grant Stockly (for being crazy) of and, Marcus Heuser, Allen McCoy, Troy Oltmanns, Glenn Jones of, Steve Townsend, Rich Dreher, James Beck of, Steve Walz, Dale Grover from, Howard Katz, Vince Briel of, Monika Mathé of, Tony Diaz, Dale Prather, Douglas Flowers, James Littlejohn, Anthony J. Martino for DB19 Connectors (and more) of our partner site, Nick Westgate, David Wilson, Bill Garber of, Steve Wozniak ( for making the Apple computer and starting me on this crazy adventure I call 'the Apple II Experience', and Steve Malechek and all the staff of AE for making the Apple II cool.

And the list keeps growing! Thanks one and all for everything you have done to help us and all of the Apple II Community. Our biggest thanks go to all of our patrons for their trust and support, and for allowing us to continue to serve the Apple II Community. Without you this Site would be nothing.